Gameweek 3 Preview, Top transfers In/ Out

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Gameweek 3 Preview, Top transfers In/ Out In Martinelli ✅: The first player to rise in price twice this season, scored in both games so far and plays away to Bournemouth next. Doing well and almost 2mil less than Saka, get him in! Rodrigo ❌: The top scoring player in the game so far with 3 goals in 2 games, might even play further forward if Bamford’s injury is severe. The move may be a little pre-mature though, Chelsea next and never scored more than 7 goals in a PL season, still a wait and see for me Jesus ✅: Those who got rid of him last week must be kicking their wounds, crazy move as he looked brilliant without scoring, like Martinelli Bournemouth next, a no brainier to get in Dasilva ❌: 2 goals in 2 games and only 4.6mil is wetting peoples appetite. But only played 61 and 31 mins, plus if de Gea was any good he would have blanked. Only get in if looking for a Bailey replacement etc, and are using mostly from the bench Toney ✅: Brentford have a great run in the next few games including Fulham, Leeds and Everton, Toney has one goal and 2 assists so far and Brentford look good attacking. Damsgaard signing can only help the cause.     Out Darwin ✅: Suspended for 3 games, get rid before the price drop if you brought him at 9.1 Coutinho ✅: Looked terrible in both games before injury, plus Villa’s fixtures turn hard soon and Buendia looked good and is likely to play next week, no brainer to bin him off Cash ❌: Villa were unlucky to concede last time out, Cash is a decent player. Wait for the injury news, if fit then not a transfer I’d be rushing to make. Good going forward too Rashford ✅: Still looks poor and rash (excuse the pun), no Man United asset is worth holding on to right now. Get rid, better options at that price Bailey ✅: Dropped to the bench and Villa looked better without him, Gerrard played two strikers this week and both Ings and Watkins impressed. This new formation doesn’t suit Bailey so could be benched again, best to get rid. What transfers are you making ahead of #GW3? #FPL #FPL #GW2 <Admin #Charl8>
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