Gameweek 29 Preview ; Captaincy Picks

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Gameweek 29 Captaincy – in a low-scoring ⬇️ week, we actually got returns ✅✅✅ from all 3️⃣of our captaincy picks last week – albeit Saka was clearly the standout 👑Congrats 👏 to those who went there! For this double 🪢 gameweek, we present to you Rashford, Mitoma and our differential pick, Maddison
M Rashford 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (Newcastle 🏰 (A), Brentford (H) – 52% ownership)
K Mitoma 🇯🇵 (Brentford (H) Bournemouth 🏖️(A) – 25% ownership)
This is one of the most open weeks for the captaincy this season with a number of viable options 🤔 but I think most engaged managers (I.e. 70%+) will land on one of these two. Mitoma clearly has the better fixtures ☑️. He also has good recent form, with 4 🕓 attacking returns in his last 3 PL games (compared to 2 for Rashford.) However, Rashford plays for a better team and has been more consistent over the season. There’s also arguably more upside 🆙there – Rashford 6 double 🧬digit returns (with 3 of those coming against Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool 🤯) while Mitoma has 3 (albeit all fairly recently 🗓️Rashford could also be on some set pieces 🥅 whereas Mitoma won’t. There’s still technically some injury doubt 🤕 with Rashford, whereas Mitoma is fit. 
It’s a really tough one. Given the consistency of both the player and the team, we think Rashford marginally has the edge here. 🔝
Punt – Maddison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (Crystal Palace (A), Aston Villa (H) – 11% ownership)
A strong captaincy option in his own right. Attacking 🤺linchpin of the team, with 2 great fixtures. On set pieces 🥅. Reliable PL player for years. But… has 9 FPL points in his last 5 games, for an average of worse than 2 points per game 🙄 (admittedly one he didn’t play.) 3 double ➿digit returns this season  including 18 points in one game against Nottingham Forest. A risky ⚠️play, but one that could pay off (great upcoming fixtures too). 
Our top 🔝pick for this week is Rashford! Who will your #GW29 captain be? Good luck everyone! 
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