Gameweek 28 Preview ; Cleansheet Odds :

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Gameweek 28 Preview ; Cleansheet Odds :
• Only 3 of AV’s 7 cleansheets have been at H
• ARS have kept just 3 H cleansheets so far this season compared to 9 A.
• CRY have failed to score in the last 4 games. Until their game against BRI, they went 3 whole games without a shot on target!
• CHE have 5 cleansheets at H compared to 4 A. Have they turned a corner?
• NEW top the leaderboard with most cleansheets this season along with ARS with 12. 5 are A with 7 H.
• BRE have failed to score just six times this season and at Home twice (vs ARS, CHE)
• WOL have failed to score in 12 matches this season (most)
• FOR have kept an impressive 5 cleansheets at home this season.
Which defenders are you starting for #GW28? #FPL
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