Gameweek 23 Preview ; Top Transfers IN/OUT :

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Gameweek 23 Preview ; Top Transfers IN/OUT :
Mitoma: BHA have scored fourth most goals (38) and Mitoma have scored in ⅘ last games. Fixtures look nice with no opponent with an FDR higher than 3 in the next six GW:s, but be aware of the BHA blank in GW25.
Saka: ARS DGW23 + DGW25 makes a triple up a must. Saka [xGI of 0.5 per 90´] is ranked third at the ICT index amongst midfielders and starts regularly.
Mahrez: DGW versus AVL(H) and ARS(A). Mahrez has started the four most previous games and this season he almost matches KDB’s xGI per 90’ [0.68 vs 0.76] but at a much lower price.
Ødegaard: Amongst midfielders, only Rashford have racked up more points than the Norwegian this season. With two home games in DGW23 Ødegaard is almost a must.
Rashford: Having scored in 6/7 latest PL games Rashford seems unstoppable. GW23 opponent Leeds have conceded fifth most goals in the league (34).
Cancelo: Playing for Bayern Munich.
Almirón: NEW have only bagged two in their last five games and Almirons xGI of 0.11 per 90’ in the last five games is far from impressive.
Martinelli: Saka, Ødegaard and Nketiah are in better form but Martinelli’s underlying numbers are still at the same level as his midfielder colleagues. Martinelli is however one of the players whose minutes are most challenged by Trossard, a move to Saka or Ødegaard might feel boring but could pay off.
Rodrigo: Ankle injury – Expected back 01 Apr.
Toney: Two consecutive blanks are not enough reason to transfer out the third best scoring forward, however because ARS(A) awaits in GW23 and BRE blanks in GW25 its reasonable to look for alternatives.
What transfers are you planning?
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