Gameweek 1-4 : Lessons Learned : 

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Gameweek 1-4 : Lessons Learned : 
Top 3:
Vicario (TOT) – 21 pts
Areola (WHU) – 20 pts
Leno (FUL) – 19 pts
Bottom 3:
Pickford (EVE) – 5 pts
Trafford (BUR) – 5 pts
Kaminski (LUT) – 6 pts
This list includes Goalkeepers who have played all games for their team. 
Vicario has kept 2 clean sheets, made 16 saves, 5 save points (=2nd) and collected 3 bonus points (=2nd) with 1 double digit return. Leno has the best goalkeeping stats but the lack of clean sheets for Fulham has pegged him down in the order. He is top for saves (22), save points (6) and bonus points (5) amongst all goalkeepers. Pickford has disappointed his owners big time. He has not kept a Clean Sheet, has scored an Own Goal and picked up a yellow card. He has the poorest Min/Point (72) of all the stoppers so far. 
Top 3:
Romero (TOT) – 27 pts
Anderson (CRY) – 23 pts
Udogie (TOT) – 23 pts
Bottom 3:
Martinez (MUN) – 1 pt
Ait Nouri (WOL) – 2 pts
Al Dakhil (BUR) – 2 pts
Not surprising to see 2 out of the top 3 defenders from Spurs. Spurs’ fullbacks have been playing really attacking football and Romero has been a constant threat from the set pieces. Romero is yet to blank in this season. Meanwhile Estipiñan has the most attacking returns (3) amongst all defenders. Martinez has picked up just 1 point in the 4 matches. He has scored an own goal, collected 2 Yellow cards and has failed to keep a Clean Sheet.
Top 3:
Mbeumo (BRE) – 33 pts
Bowen (WHU) – 30 pts
Maddison (TOT)/March (BHA) – 29 pts
No point in mentioning bottom 3 since it will contain all the defensive midfielders. 
Mbeumo has scored 4 goals in 4 games so far including 2 penalties (xG = 4.02). Bowen has continued his pre-season form to score 3 goals and provide an assist. Maddison has been a constant source of threat for scoring as well as providing assists. 
Top 3:
Haaland (MCI) – 39 pts
Alvarez (MCI) – 28 pts
Awoniyi (NFO) – 25 pts
Bottom 3:
Osula (SHU) – 4 pts
Welback (BHA) – 4 pts
Jiménez (FUL) – 6 pts
No prizes for guessing who leads this list. Haaland has already scored 6 goals including a hattrick and provided an assist. His teammate Alvarez has also scored 2 goals and provided 3 assists. Both of them have picked up 6 and 4 bonus points so far. Awoniyi is yet to blank in this season. In fact he has now returned in 8 consecutive matches for Forest. 
Fulham are the poorest team when it comes to defending. They have conceded 10 goals from an xGC of 12.11 (highest). Fulham have also conceded the most Shots on Target (32), most Big Chances (17) and most penalties (3) in the 4 matches so far. 
Unsurprisingly Man City are the best defensive side. They have conceded the least goals (2), have the least xGC (2.74), have conceded least Shots on Target (7), and least Big Chances (4). 
Haaland (10), Maddison (9) and Evan Ferguson (9) have the most Shots on target. 
Haaland (4.63), Mbeumo (4.10) and Jackson (3.03) have the highest xG. 
Mbeumo (5.02), Haaland (4.81) and Bruno Fernandes (3.96) have the highest xGI. 
Salah, Bruno Fernandes, Pedro Neto and Mvom Onana have created the most Big Chances (4). 
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