Gameweek 11 Preview ; Captain Picks :

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Gameweek 11 Preview ; Captain Picks :
A mere 1 goal from our top captain choice last week, but 12 points was still not a bad result. For GW11, we present to you Haaland, Kane and our differential pick, Bowen
Erling Haaland (Liverpool (Away)) (84% ownership) – Amazingly, transferred out by 20,000 accounts following a mere 1 goal last week. Nevertheless, has still returned in every game this season. Top of every stat going. Take a look at the ICT index – third is Jesus on 106.9, second is Kane on 107.7 and first is Haaland on… 133.4. Still on track to score a ridiculous number of goals this season. Comes up against a Liverpool team who have most of their starting defence injured and have conceded 6 goals in the last 4 league games. Seems crazy to captain someone against Liverpool away, but here we are
Harry Kane – (Everton (Home)) (20% ownership) – with what is looking likely to be a record breaking season from Haaland, Kane’s exploits have gone somewhat under the radar. Yet from an FPL perspective, Kane has returned in the last 8 consecutive games (only blanking in GW1), with 8 goals so far this season. Second only to Haaland on most key numbers – FPL points, goals, ICT index etc. Has a fairly plum fixture at home vs 12th placed Everton, who have only kept 2 clean sheets this season. Not one to be overlooked
Jarrod Bowen (Southampton (Away) (5% ownership) – Regarded early on as a slightly awkward price point, with 8.5m meaning he started as costing more than the likes of Maddison, Saka and Diaz. Now down at 8.2m, Bowen is on 21 points in his last 2 games, from 2 goals and 1 assist. Up against Southampton who have conceded 17 goals in the PL this season including 4 against City and 2 against Everton in recent fixtures. While he’s perhaps not been in the same form as last season, and would be a punt as captain, certainly not a bad option for your team
Our top pick for this week is Haaland! Who will your #GW11 captain be? Good luck everyone!
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