FPL 2022/23 : Midfielder Differentials (<10%)

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FPL 2022/23 : Midfielder Differentials (<10%)   Maddison (£8.0, 5.9%): Amongst midfielders last season, Maddison provided the fifth most value per million thanks to his 12G + 11A. Being a regular starter with an xGI of 0.45 per 90´ and an opening game against BRE(H), who in away games conceded 1.84 goals on average, the Englishman could reward his owners.               Mount (£8.0, 9.6%): Between GW1 and GW12, CHE only face two teams from the top six of last season (TOT(H) + LIV(H)). Mount had an xGI of 0.59 per 90´ in PL 21/22 and he took the most shots per 90´among Chelsea´s regular starters (2.89).   Mahrez (£8.0, 5.9%): Few players could match Mahrez´s output per 90´ in PL 21/22 (11G + 7A with 1485´played). MCI averaged 2.60 goals scored per game last season, if the Algerians´ minutes were to be increased he could be a relatively cheap way into the City offensive with his xG of 0.62 and xA of 0.24 per 90´. Which midfielder differentials are you looking at? #FPL #GW1 <Admin #Mrk5C>
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